Full Featured Pro Responder Run 2 Campaigns - Your responder will have a full subscriber reporting area for each campaign. Manage up to 50 Subscribers easily copy an ecourse message series into your responder. Easy Setup Videos

Build a Professional List Building Page. Setup a Quick List Building Page With or Without Your Social Media Links! Promote 3 of your Affiliate Links Right Off Your Page. Access this service through Your LGT Promotional Pages. Just Plug-in Your Information, Save, and Promote your links.

URL Rotator - Rotate Unlimited URL's No Ads on top of your web pages!

  Affiliate Banner Page Creator
Promote Ten 125x125 banners and Ten 468x60 banners. Easily create your pages, grab your link and start promoting! Access this service through Lead Generating Tools Promotional Pages.

Free Software Tools
Members Download 12 Software Tools and 12 Do it yourself websites. Use it, Sell it, or Give it away.

Live Support in our LGT Skype Chat Room or Help Desk!

Ad Tracking and Cloaking - Track Your Cloaked Links! We run two ad tracking services.

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